Oh Happy Day!

After what seems like an age, but was in fact a tad over a month, I've finally bottled my home brew!!!

It should have been ready for bottling around the 25th - 28th of August but it didn't stop gurgling until a couple of days ago. The guys who supplied the kit said this was fine and encouraged me to leave it for as long as possible before bottling, so after a mammoth wait it's a case of job done.

All I have to do now is wait for three weeks for the last bit of magic to occur in the bottles and it will be ready for drinking.

The only sad part in this is that our cleaner has mislaid my hydrometer so I have no idea of the ABV of the beer, but having smelt it I'm guessing it's somewhere near 5%.

Bottles & tops washed and  sterilised ready for the liquid gold

Crowns, carbonation tabs and crown tool ready for action

40 bottles filled & sealed

A bottle of liquid gold


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