Mr Speaker

The stock speakers in my car were appallingly bad, so much so that the bass sounded like a cardboard box being hit with a wooden spoon, so something had to be done.

Having been quoted +/- R1400 I decided to have a go at doing the job myself.  After a bit of research on YouTube on how to remove the door card and a few questions on a car forum, I set about the task and about an hour later I was very chuffed with myself.

And now the sound is WAY better than it was!

I had to perform a little bit of butchery on the original speakers to release the mount, but a bit of drilling and a couple of minutes with the band saw and it was all good. The finish was a bit rough, but once the door card was back on it all looked as if nothing had changed.

So that was R400 for the speakers and an hour of my time to save R1000, I call that a win.

The new speakers aren't the swankiest pair of speakers ever installed in a car, but compared to the rubbish that came with the vehicle they are solid gold and I'm enjoying the difference.


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