One of the joys of what we do is getting to spend time in places like Chris Nissen Park and Broadlands visiting our many friends there. It's especially fun and joyous at this time of year as we get to take some amazing blessings in to them, particularly our HOPE ladies, who have been blessed by so many friends in Blighty.

However we were shocked by L's living situation. L is an amazing lady who never grumbles and is always a genuine ray of sunshine despite the seemingly continual knock-backs she takes.

Today L told us with a tear in her eye that for the first time she is in debt because her pension doesn't cover her costs anymore. On top of that, her lodgers at the back of her house are bullying her and expecting her to provide them with food. Thankfully L is no fool and she has already been to the police and has begun legal action via a legal aid in Stellenbosch, so she's hopeful that things will be resolved early next year.

L's true passion in life baking and we were saddened to learn that her oven had packed up and she was cooking on a single ring (set up in a very Heath Robinson affair), which is far from adequate never mind being quite dangerous. It's a joy then to have been able to arrange for a second hand cooker we know of to be delivered to her on Thursday.

Despite the bad news from L it was a joy & a blessing to see her and the rest of our HOPE ladies.


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