Three Down, One To Go

Three quarters of the House of Trouser are down with Covid and looking at the bulk of the symptoms it seems fairly clear that we've been got by the Omicron variant. There are plenty of headaches, sneezing, sore throats, runny noses and fatigue to be going on with. 

However, not all things are equal. 

Dean seems to be getting away with the lightest symptoms, Paula's definitely the worst and then some, whilst Joel is just really fed up with not being able to go to work.

Paula started this all off and her first symptoms were dizzyness and feeling spaced out followed by a rapid loss of taste & smell. She's also taking quite a while to bounce back. Dean had a bad headache and was very achey for the first 24 hours but aside from a mildly sore throat and cough is feeling fairly well now. Joel was the last to get it (so far) and is feeling stuffed up, tired, aching all over and generally a bit rubbish.

Meanwhile Eli's school have demanded that he continues to attend because he's in the middle of writing tests (it all seems highly reckless to Dean!), but somehow he seems to bob along Covid free. Long may it last.

Interestingly, Dean & Paula had their last Pfizer jabs in September so the efficacy falling off fits with the positive results now. Joel had the J&J single dose in August whilst Eli only had his second jab of Pfizer in December.

We'll be off four our boosters as soon as we're allowed to!


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