Like many other folk I'm appalled by the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia and feel powerless to do anything, so I'm proud of my favourite band for joining with Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox to raise funds for Ukraine.

The new track can be purchased here.

My personal hope is that once this illegal war has ended very soon, Putin & Russia are held to account for their actions and that the free world refuses to lift sanctions or trade with Russia until full reparations have been made to Ukraine.

It's also interesting to note how NATO has pussy-footed around Russia for so long and it turns out that Russia was never in a position to follow through on its aggression. Putin has got himself embroiled in an unnecessary conflict which he & Russia cannot and will not win. At best they will have to settle for a negotiated face saving exit from this debacle.

Knowing that Russia is a shadow of its former self and unable to launch a successful war against the free world, it's time NATO stopped pussy footing around and stands up to the empty aggression of the arrogant despot that is Putin.

And whilst I'm ranting... Ramaphosa (President of SA & the ruling ANC) should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and the position they have taken towards supporting Putin and his illegal war!

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  1. Visiting from the United States. I am not optimistic about the war ending soon, and the longer it lasts, the more Russia will be emboldened to attack additional countries. There are too many echoes of World War II and we've forgotten the lessons that war taught the world. Thank you for visiting my A to Z blog.


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