Well that was some welcome home!

During my week in Blighty our putative electricity supplier decided to ramp up loadshedding from Stage 4 to stage 6.

What this means is that six areas in the Cape Town municipality are off at the same time but rather than being off for the usual two hours we get the joy of being off for four hours at a time. Deep joy!

What is loadshedding you ask? Well, it's the bonkers situation in which Eskom, the monopoly electricity supplier has been robbed blind by the ruling ANC and so has no money to generate electicity or to maintain the national grid in SA decides it can't cope with the demands placed on the grid so they activate rolling blackouts across the country, normally for 2½ hours at a time.

This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic, and given that it has been going on for over fifteen years just goes to show that neither the government nor the utility company are capable of resolving this crisis.


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