Today is a blessed day as we picked up the keys for our new home. It was very exciting to take possession of it and we're excited about this next step. 

This move should lead us into a positive change in lifestyle which is exciting us. We'll be just a five minute walk from the beach which will make a big difference to our mental well being, and having a sun room that spills out into the north facing garden is also a big change for us. We'll also be a bit closer to church and won't have to drive through the town centre to get there!

 Add in the fact that the overall size of the plot is just over half of our old home and it makes life a lot more manageable with a garden we can manage.

We officially move in on Wednesday, but we'll be doing a bit of cleaning and delivering a few loose items that we'd rather the removal men didn't have to deal with.

We've also hired a trailer so that we can take a load of stuff to the dump as well as move more stuff with it over the next couple of days, so we're going to be very busy for a while!


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