Shortly after we moved into our new home just over a year ago, I went on a recce around the neighbourhood sizing up which gardens might donate a cutting or two to our rather barren garden.

I collected many cuttings over a few weeks, and gently nurtured them into sturdy young plants, and today we managed to dig out and plant our long desired and planned new flowerbed at the front of our house.

 Aside from the Hibiscus and the Cape Honeysuckle (which we bought at a local garden centre), everything else is from a cutting, and I'm very happy with the result. It will look stunning a year from now once it's all matured a bit, and it'll be a joy to have some greenery right outside our bedroom window.

We have also focused on succulents and other water-wise plants, knowing that the plants should survive the next drought sometime in the future. 


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