Death In The Community

Mama Jane's husband -Harvey- died from straightforward TB in the early hours of Monday morning. Tannie Jane has been a faithful steward of her finances and has been paying into a funeral policy so the costs of Harvey's funeral are taken care off. Given that Jane will now lose the grant her husband was receiving and she continues to care for her two children and two grandchildren she will need all the money she can find. Please pray for Tannie Jane and her family, they know Jesus and are faithful witnesses to his word. Pray for blessing in their lives.

Harvey is the 5th man to die in CNP this month and sadly it's looking likely that he won't be the last. The community has really suffered in the last few weeks and really needs some good news to help ease the sense of despair that appears to be settling in the community.

There are 3 white folk living in CNP and last Thursday one of the, Derek, came to Dean's rescue when the car broke down. The carburettor broke off the manifold! As dean and Derek got chatting Derek told Dean his story. He was released on parole from prison 6 months ago having been caught stealing cars. Derek was one of the leading lights in Cape Town's largest car theft ring. Derek was supposed to present himself to his parole officer once a month but unfortunately he failed to do so for the last 3 months and on Friday he was rearrested and returned to prison. We're waiting to hear which prison he is in and once we know we'll go and visit him.

Dean had his second Afrikaans lesson today and he is enjoying it. Please pray that he will pick the language up quickly. He also had a late meeting in CNP this evening and met with the other community leaders whom he hadn't had opportunity to meet. This meeting went well and Dean is hopeful of maintaining good relationships with the leaders. Please pray for them as they seek to serve their community. Their names are: Donald, Magdalene, Katrin & Sandra.

Tomorrow Joel has his TB jab, we've been warned that this will be quite unpleasant for him, so please pray that he copes well with it.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

D & P


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