On Sunday we showed The Passion at church after the morning service. This was primarily aimed at folk from CNP, Lwandle and Nomzamo who didn't manage to see the film whilst it was in the cinemas. About one hundred folk stayed for soup followed by the film and the initial; response to has been very positive. Dean was particularly encouraged by Dina's response after the film when she asked for prayer as she was going to go back to CNP and make her peace with Sandra (a community leader), please pray for this and for Sandra to be saved. It was also exciting to see Patrick attend the film after his recent amputation. He conducted himself with such grace and dignity as he struggled from the bus to the church hall.

We found a snake living in the back door over the weekend, needless to say Paula was quite shocked! The snake was residing between the door and stormboard at the bottom of the door. It turned out to be a very large grass snake so it was quite harmless. However, he won't be bothering us again!

We're all well and enjoying the warmer weather, it looks like spring is now here for sure.

Lots of love

D & P


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