Hospital Visits

Dean has been ferrying family and friends of Patrick to see him which involves quite a long drive from Chris Nissen to the Govt hospital. Patrick really appreciates these visits and this afternoon Dean visited on his own taking some reading material and some salted popcorn. Patrick appears to be coping reasonably well with the amputation, he was out of bed this morning and he has already been trying his crutches. Not bad for a 72 year old!

This morning Dean went to CNP and found a few people really stressed about one of the elderly residents. Apparently he is very sick but the ambulance refused to attend, the crews are afraid to go into CNP! The police were on site and the residents were very angry with them as they refused to carry the man to hospital in their car, so they drove off shortly after clearly afraid of what might happen. Thankfully Dean was able to cycle back to the church office and get the combi, so within an hour of arriving at CNP he was back at the hospital, this time in casualty. As we write this we have no news on the state of this man but it would be amazing if he is alive.

In the midst of this we really thank God for the opportunity to share God's compassion through the physical act of reaching out and caring for members of the CNP community.

Please continue to pray for Patrick, particularly as he seeks to regain his mobility. Pray also for the man Dean took to hospital this morning.

Thank you

Dean, Paula & Joel


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