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No bad news today, primarily because Dean got the dates wrong and hadn't realised that Palace weren't playing on Sat due to an international match. However we had a lovely evening with some new friends here and look forward to building upon that.

Late last week Dean took a group of ladies from CNP to see Patrick in the local Govt hospital. Patrick is waiting to have a leg amputated as gangrene has set in due to his diabetes. Patrick was chuffed to see so many friends and family members.

Dean is planning to do the same again tonight (Mon) and tomorrow to enable more folk within the community to see Patrick. We heard over the weekend that the amputation has gone well so we'll give you more news in the next few days.

Last night we had a real treat... we were able to get a babysitter so we could both go to the evening service at church. We knew that Bones (Mbonisi) would be preaching. We last saw Bones and his now wife Tash a few months prior to our departure from Zim, they had no idea that we were in SA and so it was great to see each other. We've planned to meet for lunch on Wed to catch up and swap stories. Also, we'll get to introduce Joel to them as they haven't met yet. We spoke at Bones' church in Bulawayo the weekend we discovered we were pregnant, so we feel a real bond with the guys in Bulawayo.

Sandra didn't come to church on Sunday, but Dean will be making some time for her over the coming week. Please pray for Sandra to be saved. The fight between her and Dina is so petty but they just can't see it! Sandra and Dina actually want the same things for the community but have differing views as to how they should go about meeting those goals. Dean feels that they could be really good friends but they need their heads 'knocking together' -proverbially of course! A definite prayer need!!

Dean took a group of people to see Patrick in hospital tonight and will be doing so again tomorrow. Patrick is very tearful and appears to be struggling with the loss of his left leg. Please pray for him, he's a lovely man and a deeply committed Christian, pray for comfort and a tangible sense of God's presence whilst he's recovering in hospital.

Thank you so much

D,& P


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