We discovered at about 10am this morning that our car had been broken into and the stereo stolen along with Paula's sunglasses.  The rear quarterlight was put through creating a huge mess inside.  We spoke with our neighbours but no one heard anything and none of the dogs barked!  This is really strange as we live right in the middle of the complex and ordinarily the neighbours dogs go crazy when anyone comes near the house.  We're not too concerned about the stereo itself as an object but it's the mess created and time involved in clearing it all up that is annoying, as well as the unbudgeted expense of new glass and trying to get a new stereo and sunglasses in time when we feel we can afford it.  (We can't claim on the insurance because the excess is higher than the replacement cost!).

We have felt that we were directly and specifically targeted by the thieves and are certain that it is connected to the building which is being done behind us.  Please pray against any further attacks of this nature.

Dean feels like he is making some progress and one of the key community leaders (Sandra) is coming to church on Sunday.  This is quite a breakthrough given that she hates Dina and normally won't go anywhere where she is likely to meet Dina.  We're praising God for this shift in her thinking.  Please also pray for Dina that she'll understand her role as a Christian is to try and get alongside people like Sandra to share the gospel with her.

Paula had a good time with a nursing Sister who runs a baby clinic in a local pharmacy.  After much negative comment recently about Joel not walking the Sister was particularly helpful and reassuring, just what Paula needed to hear!  For those interested, Joel is a little over the 90th centile height wise, a little like his dad then.  Paula also has a meeting next week to look at the possibility of starting a 'Day Cell' for mums with pre-school children.  The plan would be to host it at the church building so as to enable some women from Chris Nissen & Lwandle to attend.  This is an exciting initiative and could be a really good method of outreach right across the cultures.  Please pray about this.

We're off out tonight to watch Palace on Sky (more bad news later then?!) with some friends and to enjoy a meal with them.

Please keep praying for us and our ministry here, we can't do this without you!

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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