Friends From Zim

This will probably be our last update for just over a week as our dear friends Mark & Leanne have come down from Zimbabwe. We're all bunked down at ours prior to going to Cape Town on Friday for the following week. We're really excited as Mark & Leanne have never met Joel and we've never met their youngest, Matthew. Also, we're God-parents to Kelly (in the pic) and it is frustrating not being able to be an active part of her life due to the distance, but at least RSA is closer to Zim than the UK. We're planning all kinds of trips and stuff but more importantly just want to spend time chilling out and chatting together about life etc!

Having just written the above we've heard from Mark & Leanne and they're stuck in Jo'burg as Matthew has been very sick and has diarrhoea. They're hoping to travel down sometime in the next 24 hours. Please pray for health and safety, Jo'burg is over 1400km's away and the drive would be horrendous with a sick child.

We'll write more again in the next day or two

Dean & Paula


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