This Week Shot Past

This week seems to have shot past leaving us no time to update the Blog.

The highlights have been Roger & Shirley's visit on Tuesday including a trip into CNP. Roger was soon playing cricket with some of the lads (he was out for a duck!). We visited Patrick & Katrin, Aunty Poppy, Mama Jane and Dina each of whom said they really appreciated meeting Roger & Shirley. In the evening they took us out to a seafront restaurant in Gordon's Bay which was great. We really enjoyed meeting up with them and it's always good to see people out of context.

On Wednesday Dean went with Dina to Tygerberg hospital to collect Michael who was discharged. Michael was on top form and praising the care he received. He had to have his leg re-broken last week and then screwed together again so he was in a lot of pain. His family were delighted to see him back home, as he was to be home too.

This morning I heard that Bebs -a man in CNP suffering with TB- had died and this afternoon Brian was taken to hospital, again with TB and it is unlikely that he will live more than a couple of days. Bebs death takes the count to 4 deaths in the community so far in October. Pray for the community as this has a major impact on them all including financially as they all have to contribute from the little they have towards funeral costs.

Paula and Joel have had a good week too. They have done their usual things but on Thursday, he went to spend the whole morning with a friend and her youngest child thus freeing both of us up to put together a funding application, which if successful, will form about one third of our funding for next year - much prayer needed! He did wonderfully and really enjoyed the morning away. The only problem was that he was so excited he didn't want to sleep there after lunch so he was exhausted by the end of the day. Today Paula took him for his first of 3 Hepatitis B jabs. Again, he was a complete star, but we are just praying that he won't have any adverse reaction. We have also taken the opportunities this week to look at a couple of play school options for Joel from January. It seems so early, but this would really free Paula up to work up to 2 mornings a week. So far we are on 2 waiting lists - it seems that this type of childcare is in high demand. We shall see what happens and will take it as God's leading.

We're off out tonight in different directions; Paula is having a 'Girls' night out so Dean & Rian are having a 'Boys' night in at his house with pizza, beer and hopefully some football! Joel will be having a quiet night in with a baby sitter.

Lots of love


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