Two trips to hospital in one day, not bad except that it was 2 different hospitals over 40kms apart. This afternoon I went with Dina to see one of the Ooma's (old ladies) in CNP, she was desperately ill and refusing to allow Dina to call an ambulance. We managed to persuade her to allow us to take he in the church kombi to the hospital. After an hours wait the sister agreed to call me prior to discharging her. As yet they've not rung so I trust she was admitted. I told the Sister that the Ooma is all alone at home and with no one to care for her they must arrange for the Home Based Care Team to contact her prior to discharge. Hopefully the system will work! Please pray for this Ooma, she really is in a desperate state.

This evening I took a crowd of folk to see Michael, he's broken his leg in 4 places from the knee down!! He was really pleased to have visitors especially as the hospital is 40kms from CNP. He's being looked after well but he'll be in for several weeks at least. Michael is a lovely Christian and well liked in the community. He used to be a rogue and his body is covered in 'jailhouse tattoos' which serve as a reminder of the work God's grace has done in his life. Please pray for a swift recovery for Michael.

Dina had a bit of a difficult afternoon today, she was helping to get Ooma ready for hospital when Sandra entered the house, she was extremely rude to Dina. Dina was deeply upset when I caught up with her later, and she was hurt by having been humiliated in front of myself and another friend of hers. Please pray for Dina that she would know God's grace in her life. Also pray for Sandra, she really needs to be saved!

God Bless

Dean & Paula


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