Dean was in CNP this morning and heard the Rasta died at 4.30 on Wednesday afternoon. Whilst this death was far from unexpected it has still shocked the community following the 5 deaths last month. Rasta's death is the second death in October with only seven days gone. The other significant impact these deaths have on the community is financial. Most people don't pay into any kind of death policy and so the funeral expenses must be covered by the community and with so many deaths the community are feeling the strain financially. This is compounded by the fact that the community is already impoverished and most people are barely getting by, as such they really don't need this added burden.

This afternoon I went to the Hottentots Holland Hospital to visit Ooma Betty. She was admitted for a few days but is due to be discharged tonight or tomorrow. Ooma has TB and is getting confused in her old age. Unfortunately she told the Sister that she has family at home and so she is able to be cared for. Sadly the opposite is true. Hopefully we can get a Home Based Care Team in to help care for her. We also need to contact her son who lives in Stellenbosch somewhere. Please pray for Ooma Betty.

Please also pray for Dina, she is really struggling with the way she is being treated by Sandra and a few others in the community. Pray for grace as she goes about her life in the community, pray also that she won't be attacked, verbally or physically. We really believe that Dina is under attack because God is at work in the community, so Dina really needs holding up in prayer.

Thanks for your support.

Dean & Paula


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