CNP Update

I've just heard this morning that Brian has died in CNP. He was a lovely man suffering with TB. Please pray for his family, his death will hit them hard, emotionally and financially.

The church currently have a team out from Penge in London and they're looking at what the church is involved in. As part of this some of them will be spending a bit of time in CNP with one of their main jobs being to fix the swings for the children. Hopefully this will be a real blessing to the community.

I'm quite excited about returning to CNP this afternoon as Sandra came to church last Sunday when we were away on holiday. I'll be visiting her later to deliver a letter from our pastor (he writes to all visitors individually) and to talk about the swing repairs, so I'll update this Blog later before we send it.

Please pray for our friends Mark & Leanne as they spend their last few days in SA before returning to Zim. Part of their plan today is to cross the border into Lesotho on their way to Durban so that they can renew their visas for another week or so. If they fail to achieve this then they have to be out of SA by the end of the week and they can't risk overstaying as they would be blacklisted in the future and prevented from re-entering SA. Pray that they get the renewed visas without delay or bribery, pray also for safety as they still have a long way to go before they are home in Zim. By the time they arrive home in Harare they will have drive almost 6000km's (3750 miles) with two small children, a brave and daring feat!

Had a good afternoon in CNP, caught up with Sandra and arranged for the swings to be fixed. Sandra enjoyed her visit to church and might come again so please pray for her. Dina was down this afternoon and didn't really want to talk much. I know that she is struggling with a number of issues and really needs to be held up in prayer. It was good to see Patrick again but I missed Michael as he was at the hospital. I also visited Brian's family, needless to say they are really upset at his death even though it was expected. They said that he passed away peacefully and are happy as he was a Christian.

That's all for now

Dean & Paula


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