Today was great in CNP as the team from Penge came in and repaired/replaced the swings for the children. The previous swings were old tyres that had been cut to shape and then turned inside out and hung on chains. Needless to say they weren't good quality and had been broken for quite some time. The kids were delighted as the 6 swings now have solid wooden seats and sturdy chains holding them. They were also hung at slightly different heights to accommodate all size of children (and adults!).

Sandra (one of the community leaders) was really grateful on behalf of the community, however it was the kids faces that really conveyed the thanks!

If you would like to see a photo of the repaired swings please email us and we'll send you one (low resolution).

The rest of the day was spent visiting and I have had some really good time with Sandra which I'm rejoicing about. Sandra's also said she's coming to church again on Sunday, so please pray that God would break into her life!

We're currently plagued with flies at the moment, apparently this infestation is the worst for several years and we've now got all sorts of contraptions in the front and rear gardens as well as in the house to try and kill them. We used an entire tin of fly spray yesterday and the fly swat is doing overtime! Apart from the flies we're all well and enjoying the heat. Summer has truly arrived and it's getting hotter by the day so we have to go and cool off in the sea. Hope it's not too cold in Blighty this Nov!

Love to you all

Dean & Paula


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