Where Did That Week Go?

The flies are still with us and are becoming a major problem. We now have so many different traps etc around the garden and in the house that it's a wonder they can get in. However, for those that do make it in they run the gauntlet of Dean's 'Fly Gun'. This gives Dean endless hours of amusement shooting flies (with what is essentially a spring loaded fly swat) and Joel now laughs when he kills one. We'll not describe Dean's particularly nasty treatment of the ones he catches alive!

Last week seemed to fly past and we're not sure how to account for the time! So we won't.

Our 40 day campaign ended on Sunday and it appears that most of us in the church have had a great time and been deeply touched by God. Please pray that the church would continue to run in the direction of God! Sandra didn't come to church on Sunday so Dean will try and see her this week. Please continue to pray for Sandra that God would break into her life.

Dean spent the afternoon with Dina today, she was much more positive and is ready to make some changes in her life. Dina was invited to a Thanksgiving service for CNP but she refused to attend and was quite rude about it. So last week Dina was feeling very embarrassed but after spending time praying she knows she must make amends, which is great. We've also been invited to the thanksgiving on the 27th Nov and Dean has been asked to speak at it, which is an honour for him.

We have finally bowed to the pressure that we find ourselves under here with respect to Joel's lack of walking and went to see an Occupational Therapist on Friday. It seems that Joel still lacks the necessary balance required to walk because he has never crawled or spent any time on his tummy. He appears quite anxious to get into any position that requires his head to be leaning forward over his body. He also has low muscle tone apparently, so we are now armed with exercises for him in the hope that this will do the trick. We are also seeing a paediatrician on Tuesday (16th) to get a professional opinion on the asymmetry of his body. Please pray for Joel to cope well with all the prodding and poking and then with the exercises themselves and to grow in strength and gain the balance he needs. Thank you.

We also want to share a big prayer need with you. We need a second means of transport from January as Paula is going to be involved in some administration for church, running a daytime cell and transporting Joel to and from nursery etc. The distances involved are simply to big to walk (and there are safety issues) and Dean needs a car on a regular basis due to the nature of his commitment to CNP. Please pray about this with us, we need to work something out but don't know quite how it's all going to pan out.

Many thanks

Dean & Paula


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