Overview Of The Week.

Patrick was discharged from hospital on Wednesday which appears to have been somewhat premature as he has no mobility at all and can't control any of his bodily functions. Needless to say he's feeling pretty humiliated by his condition and doesn't want to see people. I've seen him a few times and prayed with him but apart from that he wants to be left alone. Please pray for Patrick and his wife Katrina, they haven't had things easy lately. On Wednesday next week I'll be taking Patrick to see a physiotherapist to get some exercises. Patrick's daughters will come too so that they can see how the exercises need to be done.

I managed to fix all the swings during the week. Unfortunately the team from London had not used locking nuts on the seat bolts so the swings were falling apart. The job was bigger (and more expensive) than I had anticipated as they had burred the threads of the bolts over, so I had to but a dozen new bolts to replace the ones that couldn't be reused. The children were once again delighted to have all 6 swings fully functioning.

Dina asked me on Monday if I would look at some of the plugs in her house so on Tuesday and Friday I ended up rewiring all of her plugs. The extension for the TV and radio was amazing! The earth was at neutral, the neutral was at live and the live was at earth, quite ho anything worked is beyond me, but apparently it all did - although the family always got shocks from the equipment when they switched it on!!! Afterwards Dina asked if I could have a look at her stove, which I managed to fix on Friday, she then took me to a neighbours house to fix their stove, so now everybody in CNP thinks I'm an electrician!

Yesterday morning Dean took one of our volunteers to immigration in Paarl as her visa had expired and she'd been told over the phone to leave SA within 2 weeks. Thankfully we managed to sort the problem out and her visa extension is being processed, she'll find out on Monday whether or not it is being granted. Please pray for Ruth that her visa would be granted as she has a real desire to finish her time out here.

This morning we're off to CNP to take part in their 'Thanksgiving' service. Dean has been asked to say something (feels honoured to be asked), generally it should be a good time of networking as many key people for the ANC and other places should be present, including the original Chris Nissen who we're looking forward to meeting finally.

Thanks for your support

Dean & Paula


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