CNP Thanksgiving

True to 'traditional' African time, the CNP Thanksgiving started about an hour late, but was good fun nonetheless. We finally got to meet Chris Nissen himself (a surprisingly humble man) as well as some of the other key players in establishing the houses for the community. Dean felt very honoured by the public comments that were made about him, we both felt that this was real recognition of the impact that God is having in the community through the church. 

 Dean's abiding memory form the morning was watching one of the Rastas smoking a HUGE joint whilst setting up the sound equipment and then driving off in his car! Glad we weren't on the road at the same time.

Speaking of reckless driving, a friend was joking with us tonight about how the British won't drink & drive as the South African's generally aren't as bothered as we Brits. Anyway, we'd been out for the night (Paula arranged a surprise for me) and we had a 'chauffeur to & from the restaurant. As the friend was ribbing us for not drinking & driving another friend -who happens to be a doctor- jumped on him (proverbially) and gave him a right dressing down about the stupidity of drinking & driving. We had to smile!

We both have a big week coming but at least we have a weekend to look forward to without Joel (maybe we'll actually get to have a late wake up!). We're off to Bloubergstrand for 2 nights on Sat and we can't wait.

Dean & Paula


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