World AIDS Day

We'd like to encourage you to take a few minutes to reflect upon the pandemic of HIV/AIDS upon the world and your own community.

Pray for those in your community who are HIV+, you might not know them by name (or even realise that some of your neighbours are HIV+) but they need your support.

For the 3rd Wednesday in a row Dean distributed food in CNP to those who are known to be HIV+ or are suffering from an AIDS related illness. Sadly there are more people in CNP who fall under this umbrella than we can supply food to. The food was from 'Choices' our pregnancy crisis centre.

After delivering the food Dean took Patrick to the Physiotherapist at Hottentots hospital. He was accompanied by two of Patrick's daughters who were shown how to assist Patrick with his exercises. On Tuesday Patrick has an appointment for a wheelchair assessment and the week after that he will see the physio again at Hotties. Please pray for Patrick, he's been stripped of so much of his dignity and is feeling very depressed as a result of his stroke. We learnt during the week that this is Patrick's second stroke so things aren't looking to good for him. Please pray for Patrick, pray for a lightening of his spirit and for restoration of his dignity. Pray also for swift healing and recovery.

Joel had his last morning at Baby World this morning, Paula had the odd experience of her first ever end of term 'party' for a child! All a bit surreal.


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