Last Week

Once again we go into another week having failed dismally to keep our Blog upto date!

We had a good week. We met up with Maurice & Wendy (friends from Zim) and spent time catching up which was great. Then later in the week Pete & Ash came for tea with their 3 boys. Their youngest was born after we left Zim so we hadn't met him and Ash hadn't met Joel so it was a great afternoon catching up. Pete is now leading God First Christian Church in Jo'burg, well worth a visit if you're in that neck of the woods!

The weather has really hotted up with the last few days all being over 30ºC, so we had a great excuse to take Joel to the beach on Sat afternoon. Joel loves being in the sea and it's quite a trick trying to get him out!

Our plans for Christmas have unfortunately fallen through so it looks like we'll be on our own at home, this is always a bit depressing especially for Paula as she's used to buzzing family Christmas's. The family we were going to be with will now be in Durban over Christmas.

We're all well and enjoying life, God is so good and faithful!

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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