Reconciliation Day

Today is Reconciliation Day so we've been enjoying the day off. We went to the aquarium in Cape Town this morning and then spent time playing in the river with Joel. He had a great day, at the aquarium he was by far the most excited child and we had a job to contain him at times. Still, it was all good fun!

Today is also the official start of the Christmas holiday season with most people finishing work until the New Year (not us however!). This means that CNP will be a bit livelier than normal, especially in the afternoons. We're all going in tomorrow morning as Dina wants Dean to meet some of the working men whom he has not yet met. The plan is to go in the morning before they're drunk in the afternoon! We will finish work at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and then go back to work on the 3rd of Jan, so we'll have a week off. Our plans for Christmas have sadly fallen through so we're 'Billy no mates' this year. We had an invite for the day but our friends had a change of plan forced on them and they'll now be in Durban over Christmas. Still, we'll make it as fun as we can and we'll probably visit CNP at some point and then go to the beach in the afternoon (now you're jealous aren't you!).

We're still plagued by flies and we now have at least 4 Praying Mantises living in the house as well as a variety of other traps and paraphernalia! At times it gets so bad that we have to close all the doors and windows, but in the heat this is really uncomfortable! We're enjoying the heat, the temperature seems to have settled at the 30º mark. The wind is the main problem with an average daily wind speed of 30kms (sometimes much stronger and occasionally quite calm).

Our latest Prayer Letter is available online at: Please take time to look at the Crosslinks web site, it's quite good.

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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