Christmas Buildup

Many businesses seem to have shut down already in time for Christmas or as it seems to be more popularly known here; the 'Holiday Season'. We've always been disappointed with Christmas in Blighty as it seems to start in Aug' and drag on for months, but at least it is called 'Christmas'. Here it appears that Christmas carries very little significance with most shops & businesses advertising for the holiday season, choosing to ignore the reason for the season. Our church held it's first ever Carols by Candlelight service last night which went well, however it was a hot night and a couple of hundred candles didn't help much!!

Gary preached a solid evangelistic message presenting the Gospel very clearly which was great as many non-church folk attended. Hopefully we'll have such a service each year. We're also having a Christmas day service which again is a first for Helderberg Christian Church and we're really pleased as it always feels a little odd not to go to church on Christmas day.

Dean is taking Patrick to see the physio tomorrow. Patrick has made some progress in his speech but little more than that. Katrin (Patrick's wife) is really struggling to cope with him and the strain is showing on the family now. Katrin describes the situation as having lost her husband and gained an infant. Please pray for grace and strength for Katrin and the family as they cope with Patrick. Pray too for healing for Patrick and a restoration of his dignity.

One of the swings in CNP was broken over the weekend, the seat snapped in half, needless to say the kids are upset about this. I'm hoping to repair the swing in the new year but it will depend upon our resources. Please pray we'd be able to fix it.

Well, we're still Billy no mates this Christmas day which is a little disappointing, oh well, we'll live!

Lots of love

D & P


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