We had our Mulled Wine & Mince Pie evening last night. For those who have ever been to one of these (at Bible College, Zimbabwe, Wimbledon) you'll know how legendary they've become! If you've not been to one, you have no idea what you're missing!

We had over a gallon of mulled wine and between us put up a fairly good showing. We invited several neighbours and friends and had a really good mix of friends. The balance of folk worked well and people got on very well. Here's looking forward to next years do....

As a church we've been collecting food hampers to distribute amongst our poorer church members, so we'll be delivering a number of these in CNP tomorrow. This afternoon we're going into CNP as a family to see folk and give out some small packets of biscuits that Paula made. We wish we could do more for the folk in CNP but sadly we're only human.

If we don't write again before Christmas; Happy Christmas!!

Lots of love

D & P


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