Dean had a good day in CNP today -if a little sad too- as he spent over an hour with Michael and his wife Joyce counseling them after a long weekend of rowing and domestic violence.  This is an area Dean has been wanting to get involved with and so to have an opportunity to work with a family in this was really good.  Michael was very receptive and appeared to be genuinely remorseful, whilst Joyce appeared to be glad that he had been open and honest with someone.

They've been married for five years and this seems to be a fairly regular occurrence for them.  Sadly the trigger appears to be Joyce's drinking, she gets drunk and Michael loses control in his anger at her behaviour.  Dean was able to speak into these areas and offer them some practical advice on how to manage his anger and her drinking.  Please pray for Michael & Joyce, they're a great couple and we'd love to see their marriage saved and turned around as a witness and testimony to God's grace.  Dean will continue to visit regularly and offer them support and counseling.  Please pray for more breakthrough with other families who are struggling with similar issues.

The wind over these last 2 weeks has been absolutely incredible, today Dean was walking into the wind leaning forward at a 45degree angle just to make some progress.  We've been assured that this is not normal, but no one seems to know when it will subside.  It's way too powerful to fly the kite even!

Joel continues to enthrall us - particularly with his walking.  The last 3 days have seen him do little 3 step sprints from the coffee table to the settee.  He then leans over the settee and laughs!!  He also played with his 3 1/2  year old friend today and started to assert himself for the first time, which was very interesting to watch!


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