Sad News

We've had a really good week, both in CNP and out and about, however Paula is really looking forward to this week as finally all the groups she and Joel attend restart after the summer holiday. Also, we should know in the next couple of weeks whether or not Joel has got a nursery place. Please pray that he will as this would free Paula up to commit more time to her role in the church and to the cell group she is starting later this month.

For the previous two Sundays Gary has preached about the 'Race' we run as Christians and particularly about the importance of finishing the race strongly. This morning in church we heard that Simon Petit had died yesterday whilst in Australia. Simon was the main apostolic figure within the NFI churches in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. Simon was speaking at a conference in Aus' with Gary, and he suffered a heart attack during the break between sessions. We felt this was an amazing illustration of Gary's previous two sermons about the Christian 'race'. Simon ran a good and strong race and finished very strongly, pursuing the purposes of God. We really thank God for Simon's life and testimony and the example he was to so many Christians. Please pray for his family as they come to terms with the loss of a husband and father at only 50 years old.

We also heard that Patrick had quite a bad fall out of his wheelchair last night so please pray for him too.

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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