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Wheelchair at last!

Dean took Patrick and his 2nd daughter to the physiotherapist again today and the physio commented on how well Patrick is progressing. We then had a conversation about our attempts to acquire a wheelchair to no avail. Amazingly the physio said that we could take their brand new one (just had to fill in a few forms) and they would get another one for themselves, Brilliant!!! Patrick and his family are well chuffed! Now we need to find someone who could build him a ramp from the street to his front door.

Paula met with some ladies in CNP this afternoon as she is planning to start a day cell later this month and hopes some of these ladies will join it. The meeting went well and all were encouraged by the response.

Tomorrow we're off to Cape Town for a photographic session! Paula came across an amazingly cheap offer from a very desirable studio (we're talking laughably cheap!) so we look forward to seeing the results of that. We're hoping for a really good family piccy.

All that Jazz...

We've just had a lovely, encouraging weekend - thanks for your prayers! On Friday, Paula went in to Chris Nissen with Dean. We managed to get Joel looked after by a friend, which just freed us up to be able to spend more quality time visiting folk. It was lovely to spend a good amount of time talking with Dina. She has been wonderful and has set up a meeting on Tuesday afternoon with 8 women from CNP who are interested in joining Paula's new cell group starting later this month. She wants Paula to share the vision with them and answer the questions they might have. This is so encouraging for Paula and she is really looking forward to a good time with them on Tuesday. We then visited a lady who is quite sick with AIDS. It was good to be able to just sit with her and the wider family and then to pray. There is little else we can do. Then it was on to Patrick's house. It was so lovely to see him looking stronger and even being helped to drink a hot cup of tea, which he was really enjoying. He can't wait to come along to church each week, which is lovely. Praise God for a man in church who is taking care of the finance to enable such folk to get to church by minibus each week. Patrick was overwhelmed to see Paula again and cried after we had prayed with him. We long for him to get stronger and stronger and to regain some hope and purpose in life.

We then collected Joel and went and had a fish and chip supper - becoming a favourite of Joel's! - before going home for bedtime for him. What a lovely day!

On Sunday some friends invited us back after church for a Cape salmon braai (BBQ) which was fantastic, although Dean managed to belittle it down to 'posh' fish & chips - well done mate! In the evening we partook of a local pastime in which one takes a picnic and sits outside of a concert venue and listens to the music being performed. I suppose this goes beyond the 'cheap seats' as we paid about £1.50 for the privilege. We went to the Oude Libertas which is part of a winegrowers cooperative which has a small amphitheatre. The band was an 'African Jazz Band' from the University of Cape Town. Apparently they were good (jazz not being my thing - gives me headaches!). I sat and chatted with Bill & Denis for the evening as we were in agreement about the music, we also discovered that we each liked Pink Floyd, Santana and Led Zep, so I was in very good company. The evening was thoroughly good fun and entertaining, especially when at 7.45 the band took a break. We presumed this was the niterval and after half an hour went to find out what was happening only to find that the band had packed up and left. The evening improved drastically at that point!

This afternoon was back to CNP which was good. Dean met with Michael first and then sat with a group of Rastas for over an hour. He had a good chat and they've invited him for lunch in the next couple of weeks which should be good. Tomorrow Dean will be taking Patrick to the physio in the morning.

All for now

D, P & J


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