New Year

Welcome to 2005!

What will this year have in store we wonder? If any of the previous years are anything to go by it should be time to buckle up and hang on for the rollercoaster is about to be launched....

Dean has been back in CNP since Tuesday (as well as visiting a bit during the Christmas break) and learnt that three folk died on Christmas day.

Two were in the community and one CNP resident was murdered in a nearby township whilst visiting family. The sad but stark reality of life!

Michael had his cast removed just before New Year and is now learning to use his leg again. His kneecap is now at a strange 45degree from where it should be and he is concerned that the Dr's might not want to correct it. Equally, he knows that to correct the problem will involve breaking his leg again, so he is in a no win situation.

Patrick appears to be gaining strength slowly, but still is a huge burden on his family. This pains Patrick and he looks like a man who has lost his dignity.

Please pray for these two, they're are good men and solid Christians, pray for a real blessing on them and their families as well as for healing.

We're all well (Dean was really chuffed after Palace beat Villa) and enjoying the summer. We're glad Christmas is over and can now crack on with our goals for the year.

Wishing you a fruitful year

Dean & Paula


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