At long last we got to use the container in CNP for the Men's Bible Study group. The container is actually 2 welded together with the middle cut out, but it provides an invaluable resource. Pray that we may continue to have free access to this resource as certain elements of the community are politicising the usage of it.

James, Cyril and Ernest at the CNP Men's Bible Study group on Thursday mornings.

Michael. Michael is a staunch regular at the CNP Men's Bible Study and is a great contibutor. Pray for Michael as he is an expert on getting sidetracked by obscure scriptures.

Cyril. He's a great guy and a great participant in the Bible studies.

Ernest. He is completely blind and is immobile due to leg problems. Ernest is able to follow the studies but rarely contributes, but we really value his presence.

Oop Boyd. He is also completely blind and has very limited mobility. We're not sure how much he is able to follow what is happening as he has some hearing impairment, but he appears to enjoy the fellowship.

James. He is the youngest son of Mama Jane (her picture is further down on the blog in Feb's Archive), we don't know if he is a Christian and he is reluctant to speak up. However he has heard the Gospel very clearly over the last two weeks so we can only pray for him.

Michael, John & James


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