Patrick Update

Dean has just returned from the hospital where he saw Patrick and Ben.

Patrick is in so much pain after the amputation. His leg was removed just below the knee, so he will be somewhat unbalanced when he has recovered. Dean has never seen anyone literally writhing in pain before and it was quite distressing to see him in this state. Aunty Kuku has agreed to visit tomorrow so Dean will take her in the afternoon to see Patrick. Unfortunately their grandson Enslen has been dumped on her again. Enslen is seriously disable having some form of palsy and having him in the home puts a huge burden on Aunty Kuku.

Ben's eyesight has been restored, Praise God! He doesn't have 100% vision yet but hopefully over time it will be restored. Please keep praying for him, foe recovery of sight and for salvation.

This morning Dean had his first Bible study in the 'containers' (the community centre) in CNP. 5 men attended and we looked at 'How do I know I'm saved?' and used the Roman Road to underpin the study. It went very well and the men all enjoyed the time. Please pray that we will have regular access to the containers on Thursday mornings.


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