Patrick Et Al

Dean went to Hospital today with our two medical electives (Jonathon & Rachel) to visit Patrick and Ben. Whilst there we also saw Annie who is being treated for severe chemical burns. She was working in the farms in Feb and was exposed to some chemicals which have left her quite badly disfigured and have burnt her throat and lungs. Dean didn't initially recognise her as she had lost so much weight.

Patrick is scheduled to have his leg removed tomorrow (12 May) and he is really upset about this. Whilst Dean was with Patrick, Paula arrived with Joel which appeared to brighten up Patrick's day.

Ben appeared to be OK but a little confused and Jonathon was able to explain what had happened to him and why he was in hospital. This calmed Ben down, but when we popped in this evening on our way to cell group Ben was blind. Dean asked the ward sister about this but she thought he had always been blind. Hopefully we'll get some answers tomorrow.

CNP does appear to be in the midst of a very difficult time with many people suffering. As winter sets in this will only increase, especially as TB starts to kick in. Please pray for our friends in hospital and also for the community as a whole. Pray specially for protection from sickness over winter.


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