A Day In A Million!

Thursday morning marked a one-off highlight for Paula and her mum's and grannies cell group! They all went off to the Spur (equivalent of UK Aberdeen Angus steak houses) for coffee and dessert courtesy of a wonderful gift from 2 very special people in the UK (thank you, thank you!). It was a tearjerker as 4 of us drove in to Chris Nissen to collect the ladies and children. All 15 of them were there eagerly waiting, dressed up to the nines, some even with new hair do's and everyone else wondering where they were going!!

Only 2 of the ladies had ever been to the Spur before and certainly none of the children. In all there were 25 of us, 10 children, 2 babies and 13 adults and we all had a ball. You should have seen the ladies' faces as their chocolate brownies and cheesecakes arrived accompanied by huge bottomless coffees!!! All the children played in their special children's area and had their faces painted. We then treated them all to Coco the Clown ice creams. Again, this was a picture to behold!! After 1 and a half hours we departed having had such a special time. This kind of outing is one of those high moments that makes all the frustrating and hard times worth it. Thank you so much to our donors for truly changing lives yesterday.

Paula had another excellent morning visiting in CNP. This time she was on her own, which was really great and not at all difficult. Lorraine is well today and even said that her passion would be to eat a pepper steak pie (Paula sent one in for her in the afternoon!). She then visited Sarah, one of the ladies who she took to hospital. She unfortunately has cancer of the uterus, so no wonder she was so sick that day! She had been sent home a week ago with no colostomy bags - just imagine (or don't!). Thankfully, Dean was able to sort this out with the Hospice this afternoon. Please pray that a solution will be found for transporting folk to church on Sundays during the winter. Many people would dearly love to go, but are too old or sick to walk any distance in bad weather. Unfortunately, the bus has been stopped and costs the equivalent of 10 pounds a week to re-instate - simply impossible for them!


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