Praying The Future

As you might have seen from the posts below we've just had Mary (our Pastoral Director) from Crosslinks stay with us for a few days. Mary's visit was a great time, as we were able to take some time out to visit some of the sites such as Cape Town, the penguins at Simon's Town and drive over Chapman's Peak. We really enjoyed her visit and it was great to have a Crosslinks visit at a time when there is no crisis (present or looming) which need sorting as was the case in Zim when Andy Lines visited!

However, Mary's visit was not all play and we spent some really good time discussing the future as well as spending time with Gary & Francois (2 key elders at church) talking about the same issues. We discussed issues such as long term service at Helderberg, permanent residency in South Africa, frequency of Home Assignments and their length and most importantly, calling. Our calling is very important and key to the other issues which we need to bring before God. The long and the short of this is that we now need to take some time out to spend time in prayer and listening to God. We plan to have a night away (without Joel) in the middle of July after Dean returns from his week in Pretoria.

Please pray with us as we bring these issues before God, we want to be sure that we're open to his leading and being obedient to his word, not just chasing personal goals and dreams.


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