A Day Of Contrasts

Dean went to Patrick's funeral in Chris Nissen Park this morning.  It was a moving service conducted by Donald, one of the community leaders.  He did an excellent job and Francois our lead elder at church gave a short preach.  This was great and has really helped our witness in the community.  Patrick's family were deeply upset, but again Aunty Kuku barely registered any kind of emotion, we are really concerned for her.  Dean felt really saddened for Enslen who appeared to understand what was going on but was not being given any opportunity to express his own grief, rather he was forced to sit in a corner and not move.  Amazingly the funeral started bang on 9am and the coach was spot on time to take people to the cemetery in Sir Lowry's Pass.  We really praise Goad that the funeral went so smoothly with so much glory being given to God.
This afternoon we went with Mary to see the penguins at Simon's Town.  Joel really enjoyed pointing out all the penguins to us and Mary was stunned by the scenery on the drive and then the location of the penguins.  We feel so blessed to live just 40 minutes by car from such amazing experiences.


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