Patrick died at lunchtime this afternoon, having been ill over the weekend the ambulance was called this morning and took him to hospital around 11am. Dean has just been with the family to see Patrick in the morgue and to start the claim with the funeral policy. Afterwards we returned to CNP to spend some time with Aunty Kuku. She doesn't appear to have registered Patrick's death yet and to be honest her relief will probably outweigh her grief for a while, but who can blame her, she's had so much to deal with over the last year.

We rejoice with Patrick however, as he ran a good race and finished strong! Praise God!

The funeral will probably be on Friday.

Above is a photo Dean took of Patrick with his Grandson Eugene in Feb 05.

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  1. What a lovely photo to have to remember Patrick - he has a very kind face! You will all be in our prayers on Friday for the funeral.


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