Cape Agulhas

We've just been to Cape Agulhas and then Hermanus with Susannah. When we arrived at Cape Agulhas the weather was truly appalling and the guy we got to take the photo of us nearly got blown off his feet, hence the lack of focus in the picture!

The photo below shows us a little less wind and rain swept at the Southernmost point of the African continent.
Windy but not wet at Cape Agulhas

The next two photos below show the lighthouse at Cape Agulhas in day and night.
Cape Agulhas lighthouse in daytime

Cape Agulhas lighthouse at nightime

Below is the remains of a Taiwanese trawler which was shipwrecked a few years ago at Cape Agulhas. When we first saw this wreck 4 years ago it was still intact which gives you an idea of the ferocity of the sea.
Shipwreck off Cape Agulhas

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  1. I love the photo of the lighthouse in the dark, with the light brightly shining! A good Christian message there somewhere I think! Great photos - I feel more travelled when I've viewed them!!


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