Interesting Afternoon

Dean had one of his more interesting afternoons in CNP today. Initially he took Tyrone and his mother to Hottentots Holland hospital and then returned to CNP for a meeting with the Social Worker from ACVV the Afrikaans Christian social service. Whilst Dean & Dina waited for the social worker Dina received news that her husband Donovan had been arrested. As the social worker was late we decided to go to the police station but passed the social worker on the way so had the meeting. This was a constructive session and although Dina has some issues with the social worker, she calmed down towards the end of the meeting and hopefully we can start working together a bit more.

Immediately after the meeting Dean & Dina shot off to the police station. Thankfully, the duty sergeant was a church member so we were well looked after and allowed to go through to the cells. Donovan was OK but angry at being detained, allegedly he assaulted Jerome (see post: 28 June - Free At Last) in CNP causing GBH. Unfortunately, the complainant is not making himself available to the police and this is causing problems for Donovan. Straight after the police station Dean then went to the hospital to collect Tyrone and his mum. Unfortunately, the procedure wasn't going to happen today but has been scheduled for the beginning of January next year. Please pray that this happens!

Paula and Susannah took Joel to KidZoo this afternoon and had fun as he chased around. Tomorrow we're off to Cape Agulhas for the night and will drive home via Hermanus in the hope of seeing some more whales. Hopefully we'll have some great photos to post on the Blog.


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