Good & Bad

Dean had an excellent afternoon on Chris Nissen although he encountered both good and bad news. Firstly, Michael told Dean that the police had arrested three men for the rape and murder of his daughter Michelle (see post: May 17). This has really encouraged Michael and he's now looking forward to going to court to see the trial.

On a sad note, we learnt that Christine's death was totally avoidable as it wasn't her HIV that killed her. Christine had been a self-injecting Insulin user for about 15 years and on Saturday she fell into a hypoglycemic coma which then killed her. Once again in CNP we see such simple illnesses wreaking havoc unnecessarily. With just a little education we could see more lives being saved.

Dean is going to meet up with one of the Dr's involved in the ARV clinic at Hottentots Holland Hospital this week with a view to formalising some kind of referral process to enable folk from CNP to access these drugs. Please pray for this, as it really is such an important area! We have so many folk dying in the community and others who are expecting to die but could easily live for another 15 years or so.

Dean was also able to deliver a few blankets which Dina had sourced, so that really cheered up a few of the men. The weather has turned cold again and so the CNP folk are suffering.


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