Thursday Mornings

We both run small groups on Thursday mornings and have done for a little while now. Dean leads a men's Bible Study group in Chris Nissen Park between 10.30 and 12pm whilst Paula leads a Cell Group at the church building which is intentionally cross cultural, attracting some whites and 6 ladies from CNP.

Dean had a really good Bible study in Chris Nissen this morning. Once again 5 men attended and it's looking like they're going to be a regular committed core from which we can build. Michael and Cyril remain the bedrock of the group and James is regularly coming now. Our newcomers are Alfred and Peter both of whom are really keen on coming, so Praise God for the growth in the group! Dean is particularly pleased as the group has become cross cultural drawing from Cape Coloured, Zulu & European cultures, this is an unexpected but very welcome change in the group dynamics.

Before the study, Dean spoke to a key player in the Parks & Recreational Department of the Helderberg municipality about the nonsense with the container (which is supposed to be a community centre) and the fact that we can no longer meet in there as we are denied access to the key (as are the Police who want to run a Karate club in the container). We had three excellent meetings in the container before being told we could no longer use it (see post: May 13). This call resulted in one of the local councillors ringing Dean and assuring him that the situation will be resolved ASAP. So hopefully we'll be back in the container before too long. Please pray for this as our meeting in Michael's house is really impractical! and the container is a great venue which would also allow us to grow as a group.

Paula also had an excellent group today looking at the gifts of the Holy Spirit - what they are for and how to grow in our measure of them. Next week is a practical - how do we know what our gifts are session. Paula realised one of her dreams/prayers today as she was able to give a modern translation Afrikaans Bible to all the CNP ladies. They were naturally absolutely delighted. Please pray that they will really use them and that those who can't read will take them to people who can to be able to read to them. Paula was also encouraged as Dina has asked her to use the material on spiritual gifts next Tuesday night when she goes in to meet informally with several women. It will be Womens Day (a Bank Holiday) and 20 women have been invited!!


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