Mixed Day

Dean has had a mixed day which started with a trip to the magistrates court to support Dina as Donovan appeared on two charges of assault. Unfortunately Dina was very angry and was complaining about ho so many people in CNP (especially our church members) were gossiping about her, however Dina proceeded to do exactly the same to the crowd of Rastas who were also there to support Donovan. Dina is so angry at the moment that she can't listen to reason, please pray for her as she said she is going to give up on church. This would be really sad and a real backward step in her life.

Paula and Joel arrived safely despite Joel having a very difficult plane ride (he screamed for over an hour and eventually collapsed exhausted at 11.30, sleeping through to 5.30am) which wasn't great for Paula or Susannah. Thankfully Joel had a good lunchtime sleep, so he should be back to his normal self soon.

This afternoon Dean went mountain biking with Jonathon (a friend from church) up the Grabouw mountains, the weather was fine as they set off up the tracks but then rode into the cloud and got absolutely soaked, the last time Dean was that wet he was in a swimming pool! This evening Dean made it to our cell group (we've not managed to get there for the last 6 weeks!) and had a really good time studying Ephesians.

The house feels very strange without Paula & Joel!


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