Billy No Mates

Paula was really fed up yesterday as Dina failed to make herself available despite the fact that she had agreed to meet Paula.  Dean will try and catch up with Dina during the week.  Please pray for Dina as she's really struggling with the situation at the moment and as a fairly young Christian she needs a lot of help in dealing with her emotions and how she handles other people.  Pray too that Dean will catch up with Dina at some point this week.
Well, Dean will be 'billy-no-mates' for almost 3 weeks as Paula & Joel are flying to the UK tonight with Susannah to have a short break with family.  We're really hoping Joel will cope with the change as well as not having his Daddy around.  We're very privileged as Dean gets to be around more than most Dads during the week and Joel clearly thrives on this, so things will be a bit different for him.  It will also be great for Joel to spend time with his cousins, aunts, uncles and Granddad.  Paula & Joel will also be meeting up with a few friends (if you want to see Paula & Joel you'll have to travel to her Dads as she won't have transport).
We've really enjoyed having Susannah for just over a week, we've always had a good relationship with her and it's amazing to see how she's changed and grown over the years - she was just 3 months old when we got married.
Hopefully Paula will be taking plenty of photographs while she's in Blighty and we'll post some here on the blog.
In the meantime we hope you enjoy the photo below of the Jasmine right outside our front door, it really is blooming marvellous at present.

Jasmine in bloom


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