As we said in our post on Tuesday 16th 'Interesting Afternoon', Dina's husband, Donovan has been arrested for allegedly assaulting two young men in CNP. Unfortunately, one of the alleged victims is the son of another church member; Aletta, who until this incident was good friends with Dina. Sadly, things are very tense between them now with Dina refusing to speak to Aletta. We really need you to join with us in prayer over this situation. We want to see Dina & Aletta maintain their friendship and to be able to support each other through this messy situation.

At the end of the day the problem is between Donovan and Jerome and as grown men they need to deal with the situation and take responsibility for their own actions. Dean has arranged for Dina's discipler to meet with both Dina & Aletta hopefully this afternoon. Please pray for wisdom and grace as we attempt to broker some sort of peace and help these two ladies get their friendship back on track. Needless to say this is also having an impact upon our whole input into CNP and with our other church members from the community.

Donovan has been transferred out of the police cells into Pollsmoor prison in Cape Town on remand. This prison is notoriously overcrowded and a very dangerous place for the most hardened criminal, please pray for safety and protection for donovan whilst he's there. Apparently he is due in the magistrates court on Wednesday so hopefully he will be granted bail at that time. This is another travesty of the poverty the folk in CNP suffer. Because Donovan cannot afford legal representation he has no-one to arrange bail for him so he has to be remanded, which is really bad news for him.


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