Table Mountain

We finally made it up Table Mountain on Sunday afternoon, we were on our way to Stellenbosch when we saw the the mountain was clear of cloud even though the weather was wet and cold. A quick detour home to get some waterproofs and we shot into Cape Town and up the mountain. There were very few people around which was great as it can get quite crowded on the top. Afterwards we decamped to the Mount Nelson for High Tea which was very civlillised, although Joel isn't quite ready for such activities!

Paula & Joel enjoying the view towards the Twelve Apostles, the weather was quite gross!
Joel & Mum enjoying the view but not the rain

Joel running around on top of Table Mountain.
Joel running around on Table Mountain

Joel and 'sannah sharing a bowl of chips in the cafe at the top of Table Mountain. Joel and Susannah are getting on brilliantly which should be a real help to Paula as they travel back to the UK on Tuesday evening.
Joel & 'sannah' sharing chips on Table Mountain

A solitary sunbird in the rain on Table Mountain.
Sunbird missing the sun on Table Mountain

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  1. Cape Town is one of our favorite (vacation) destinations! So much to see and do, the iconic Table Mountain being one of them.
    How are things in terms of wild fires?


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