We've deliberately taken some time before posting any news about the adoption as things have been a bit rocky and uncertain. However, that doesn't mean that everything is straightforward right now, because things are still tentative. We do need your prayers so want to let you know what's happening.

We had several phone calls with the ACVV late last week and after making the decision to say yes to fostering (having been informed that we couldn't adopt) we were told we couldn't foster as we're not SA citizens and don't have permanent residency. So having come full circle emotionally we had our hopes shattered again. Eventually, the ACVV spoke to one of the magistrates locally who concurred that we can't foster but we could adopt (there are a few technicalities) so once again we were excited. The ACVV then approached the mother and explained the situation to her and apparently at that time she agreed to give up the baby for adoption. So they left it with mother that she would have to present herself at the court to sign the papers on Monday. As you could imagine we've been hanging on tenterhooks waiting to hear whether or not mother made it to the court.

As we write, we've yet to hear from the ACVV but Dean saw maternal gran in CNP this afternoon who explained that mother went to the court on Friday but was told that she can't sign the papers without her ID card. Unfortunately you can't get an ID card until you're 18! So now the court has to liaise with the ACVV who will arrange for gran to sign the papers on behalf of her daughter. All a bit messy, but God willing, things will go smoothly.

On the CNP front; Dean discovered this afternoon that Ouma Sophie returned to CNP after her daughter's funeral. We're all disappointed by her return but hopefully she'll leave again soon. Her reason for returning to CNP is that she has an optician's appointment to get new glasses and she doesn't want to miss the appointment. Hopefully we can get her the glasses soon and then get her off to her family again.


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