Adoption update

Unfortunately, the birth mother of the little baby we were hoping to adopt refused to sign the adoption papers on Tuesday when ACVV accompanied her and her grandmother to court. As a result, we have told ACVV that we are withdrawing as potential adoptive parents from this situation. Naturally we were very disappointed and can't understand what happened between Friday, when she was happy to go and sign on her own and Tuesday. However, we had been praying for clear leading and you can't really get clearer than that!!

ACVV then explained to us that if we were still interested, we should contact their HQ in Cape Town to register ourselves as potential adoptive parents. We agreed to this. However, they 'phoned us today to ask us to contact the Social Worker at the local children's home here in Somerset West who is apparently happy to help us out. We spoke to her and have arranged to see her next Wednesday to talk things through. She is again confirming that we can adopt and is happy to talk through immediate options. So, having taken our huge step of faith, we are yet to see what it will lead to, but we are confident that God is in it, despite our initial disappointments. This doesn't make it any easier though and we really do value your prayers for us as a family.


  1. Be assured that I am praying
    for you. God is in control.

  2. Yep, it's hard to understand God's workings sometimes, but we know we serve a God who doesn't make mistakes, and we are really praying for you all.


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