Wow the rollercoaster doesn't seem to want to stop just yet!

On Wednesday we met with a social worker at a local children's home and were informed that 'yes' we can adopt. This was the 3rd piece of advice from as many professionals! Thankfully the social worker had done some checking out of issues and legalities and has put us in touch with a private social worker who we'll contact on Monday to arrange a meeting. So we're really excited again!

Then today we met up with some friends for lunch and they had also invited another couple from the UK. Now for the Godincidence... they have been here the same time as us and are on the same visas and they are just about to complete the adoption of a beautiful little girl. So this definitely confirms we can adopt. Amazingly this couple have also used the same private social worker (and sing her praises) so now we are really really excited about meeting up!

Please pray that we can meet the social worker early next week and that all goes well. We'll let you know what happens.


  1. How exciting - you will be in our prayers - Mark and I often think of you guys!!

  2. Good news! I am praying for you and I am looking forward to hearing more good news from you. Blessings!


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