Bien Donné Expo 2005

This morning we went to the Bien Donné Expo which was basically an agricultural show with loads of tractors and stuff. Needless to say Joel was in 7th heaven seeing somany tractors, 'Scoops', quad bikes and other machinery. The whole event was very much a 'redneck' affair geared up for the Afrikaans farming community. Anyway, we all had fun and the stall holders were incredibly tolerant of the kids climbing all over the machinery, thankfully Afrikaaners do tend to be quite family oriented. Part of the reason for going was that Matthew's dad works for Toyota SA and they had a stand selling their forklift trucks.

Joel really enjoyed seeing Matthew and together they ran around and generally made merry. Good to know that we can 'blend' in to this culture as well - happily eating our boerwoers in Cape bread for lunch!! (oh the sacrifices we make!).

Joel and the 'camels'

Solo on a tractor

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  1. We think this tractor is far too clean to be real!!! It needs some good old Kentish mud/muck to authenticate its existence!


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